Craig R. Lareau, J.D., Ph.D., ABPP
Board-Certified in Forensic Psychology
American Board of Professional Psychology
Phone: 626-298-0417
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As noted above under the Professional Services tab, Litigation Consulting differs from work as an expert witness performing Forensic Psychological Evaluations. As a litigation consultant, Dr. Lareau works closely with the attorney for one purpose: to assist the attorney to achieve a successful outcome in the litigation.
As a litigation consultant (a.k.a., "non-testifying expert"), Dr. Lareau works closely with the retaining attorney to maximize the effectiveness of the attorney's representation of the client. Dr. Lareau works as a consultant in both civil and criminal matters, in cases that involve mental health issues.

There are numerous points during a case where a knowledgeable expert could be invaluable to the attorney. From early assistance with determining case merit to final collaboration on direct and cross-examination at trial, Dr. Lareau can give the attorney the information and tools needed to make the best decisions possible for the litigation.

As a lawyer himself, Dr. Lareau understands the issues and complexities facing the litigator throughout the pre-trial and trial process, and can use that knowledge, in combination with his expertise in forensic psychology, to craft relevant, detailed, case-specific assistance to the attorney. Armed with this assistance, the attorney can be certain that all mental-health related issues will be maximized for the interests of the attorney's client.

One of the primary areas that Dr. Lareau can provide invaluable assistance is in the review of the reports of the experts in the case, both friendly experts and opposing experts. Dr. Lareau can provide candid insights into the strengths and weaknesses of these mental health experts, their methodologies, and conclusions, equipping the attorney with information to maximize and to exploit the presentation of the experts' testimony. If desired, Dr. Lareau can both produce a comprehensive report highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the experts, and also can assist in the drafting of examination questions for both deposition and trial.

In some circumstances, if the attorney determines it to be in the best interest of the litigation, Dr. Lareau may be brought into the case as an attorney (depending on licensure and
pro hac vice rules of the jurisdiction), to conduct deposition examinations and direct and cross-examinations of the experts at trial.

Dr. Lareau can assist the attorney with a number of different tasks to maximize the effectiveness of the attorney's representation of the client. Some representative examples include:

* Initial Case Evaluation - Merit

* Case Strategy - How to Maximize / Minimize Effect of the Mental Health Issues

* Assist with Selection of Experts

* Review Reports of Retained Experts for Strengths & Weaknesses

* Review Reports of Opposing Experts for Strengths & Weaknesses

* Generate Report Describing the Strengths & Weaknesses of the Experts & Their Reports

* Collaborate with Counsel to Draft Deposition Questions for Opposing Experts

* Collaborate with Counsel to Draft Direct and Cross-Examination Questions for Trial

* Assist the Attorney with Witness Preparation for Deposition or Trial

* Work as a Contracted Attorney to Conduct Depositions of Opposing Experts

* Work as a Contracted Attorney to Conduct Direct and Cross-Examinations at Trial
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What is a Litigation Consultant?

Most who consider themselves to be "litigation consultants" are, in fact, jury consultants. The role of the jury consultant can be important in a case, but differs in many ways from a litigation consultant. The litigation consultant works with counsel on substantive areas of case development and content, while the jury consultant most often assists in maximizing the presentation of that information to a jury and in assisting with jury selection. Thus, the litigation consultant may have a role early in the litigation process and throughout the litigation, while most jury consultants function in the time leading up to and during a trial.
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